{{Character infobox |died = Forever |gender = Male |image = Sketch Beck.JPG |hair color = Grey wolf|Age = Around 50}} Geoffrey Beck, commonly referred to as Beck, was a werewolf. He was the adoptive father of Sam Roth and was the wolf who bit him in grief for his dead wife and the fact that he didn't have time to have children. As a human, he was formerly a lawyer. He was killed by Tom Culpeper's helicopter bullets in the end of the last book, Forever, where the wolves were running for their new home. This caused a large amount of grief from Sam.


Beck was bitten by Paul the alpha wolf.

Personality Edit

Beck was a very caring, kind person with a sense of humor. He loved Sam a lot, and liked Grace. He bit Sam in his grief, when he saw him alive and well with his parents while his wife was dead and unable to have children, which he always wanted.


Dark auburn hair and brown eyes. Beck is a large grey wolf.

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